3 tips to fight against lash fall

lash fall

A deer’s eye begins with healthy lashes. We’re telling you how to get them back on their feet!

Like hair, eyelashes have a life cycle, which explains why they fall out after a while (about 3 months), without necessarily being noticed. Yes, but here we are, depending on the period, it happens that we lose more at times. For a whole bunch of reasons: we touch our eyes a lot, we have an infection on the eyelid, we wear “too much” mascara (= 5 layers, it’s too heavy!) or we don’t remove it every night, we don’t eat the right things, we have a hormonal disorder… The good news is that there are easy to use tips that can help boost lash growth and/or slow down lash fall.

1/ Eating the right things

Beauty starts on the plate! And if it’s right for the skin, it’s just as valid for the hair and eyelashes. To promote eyelash growth, we make sure we have a good daily intake of protein and fatty acids. We do not hesitate to do a check-up with a nutritionist if we have difficulty doing it alone.

2/ Pamper the lashes with a primer

Feeding lashes at night or before mascara application are the job of mascara primers. Formulated with ingredients such as amino acids, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, silk proteins, they nourish the lashes and strengthen them from the bulb to promote regrowth. And good news, it’s quite easy to find some: They’re Real! Mascara base, Benefit, 27.50 €, Paradise Mascara Base, L’Oréal Paris, 11.90 €, Black Lash Primer, Blinc c/o Marionnaud, 25.99 €, Perfecto Mascara Base, Givenchy, 33.50 €, Subversion Mascara Base, Urban Decay, 22 €, Expert Lipocils, Talika, 40.50 € or Diorshow Maximizer 3D, Dior c/o Sephora, 34 €. They are used as a cure (at least 3 months) or daily for a more intense make-up effect. Another option is to use castor oil, which is applied to the lashes every evening.

3/ Take a cure of food supplements for… the hair

Yes, dietary supplements that promote hair growth have an impact on all hair, including eyelashes. We do not hesitate to make a little cure to boost them. They grow back stronger and more numerous.

In conclusion, It’s up to us to make the eyelashes strong and full!