HyLab, the first custom care formulator


Like coffee machines, Romy invents the first custom cream formulator. The idea? Prepare your facial every day using different encapsulated actives. Because nobody would have the idea to hurry orange juice fifteen days in advance, Morgan Aca, co-founder of Romy, wanted to offer an alternative to traditional cosmetics by offering healthier, sharper products and more effective. Starting from the simple observation (with study to support) that a potted cream formulated five days before the date of consumption lost up to 46% of vitamin C, Romy opts for the instant and the luxury of personalization. The principle is simple. In a machine called “HyLab”, capsules with multiple active ingredients (elasticity, anti-aging, purity, detox …) are integrated in a neutral cream. After emulsion – and in one minute, chrono – HyLab concocts our face care with a creamy and tailor-made texture. And since the needs of our skin vary every day, the application “Romy HyLab”, and its program “My Coach”, analyzes our daily data via our phone (weather, sleep, physical activity …) and offers us every day a care ultra-adapted. Unique and effective!