BeautyCrush: the detoxifying care of Terraké


Terraké is a mark of the future. She explores cellular regeneration to permanently eradicate the aging process of the skin. To do this, she uses fibroblast technology. Cells that provide collagen and make the skin more elastic, supple and tense.

The range of detoxifying care Terraké is suitable for all skin even the most sensitive. All products are infused with the HTP-3 Complex: a blend of enriched hyaluronic acid, Durvillea Antartica seaweed extract and purified black truffle essence, a real black diamond of cosmetics. The range is composed of five products: an invigorating mist that illuminates and rejuvenates the skin, a micellar cleanser for efficient eye and face removal, a foaming gel that purifies instantly, a detox mask that regenerates the skin and finally an exfoliant comfort to remove impurities while tightening pores. The products ensure better hydration and soothing skin.

Terraké technology brings comfort and flexibility to the skin.

Find all Terraké products as well as the range detoxifying care on the e – shop of the brand.