Contour your face with Neck Liposuction



A procedure carried out by a cosmetic surgeon to remove excess fat from the body and give body a good shape and appearance. Liposuction is performed after analyzing the medical history. It can be done on various body parts such as abdomen, inner and outer thighs, hips, chin, arms, knees and neck.Liposuction is helpful only in the removing fat and gaining a better shape but does not help with sagging of the skin.

Neck Liposuction:

Neck Liposuction

People with excess fat on chin, double chin, fat along the jaw line or the neck give a very obese impression. People may have a proportionate or good body shape but will have only excess fat on the face can get benefit by neck liposuction. Having a lean face can help you improve the appearance.

Ideal Candidates for Liposuction:

Women or men younger than 55 years old are ideal candidates’ for neck liposuction. The skin has to have sufficient elasticity to get proper and elegant shape after liposuction. The area on which liposuction is performed is deflated after surgery and the skin should be healthy enough to regain the original or the reshaped structure. Clients who are older than 55 years can opt for neck liposuction along with other cosmeceutical procedures such as a mini facelift or neck lift surgery.

Neck liposuction allows you to have a graceful neckline permanently. It helps you in getting a proportionate body weight and the face.

The Procedure:

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthetic called tumescent anesthesia. The procedure is performed by making small incisions to allow passage of the long Q-tip to collect the fat. About 1or 2 incisions are made beneath the chin or behind the ears, so that incisions are not visible. The fat is removed by applying suction. The patients are required to wear surgical wrap for four to five days to allow the skin to retract to the new shape. The candidates can get back to work within a week time and return to full swing activities in less than 2 weeks. Do not panic on observing swelling or redness, it may take time to get normal after surgery.

Liposuction is a quick procedure and the results can be seen immediately. It can naturally contour the

The results are long lasting as long as the candidates maintain healthy weight with the help of nutritious diet and exercise. Maintaining healthy lifestyle is important for maintaining looks. You can further enhance your appearance with the help of chin augmentation or rhinoplasty. One can expect good results with enhanced elasticity. It helps you to have better contours to the neck and chin.

Give proper details about your medical history and medications especially medications such as blood thinners (vitamin E, fish oil and garlic supplements) as it increases the risk of bleeding. Do not forget to inform about your alcohol and tobacco consumption as well.


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