Health Survey: The Truth About Vaccines


The program, broadcast tonight at 8:50 pm in France, invites the debate on vaccines. What are the real risks and those that are fantasy? How many lives are saved each year in France thanks to vaccination? Answers in the show Marina Carrère d’Encausse and Philippe Charlier.

In France today, one in three people think that vaccines are not safe. Fiasco of the campaign against the H1N1 flu, presence of aluminum, risks of serious side effects … all these crises have reinforced the mistrust of the French with regard to vaccination. To vaccinate the population, the Minister of Health has had to legislate: 11 vaccines are now mandatory for infants and soon, perhaps, the seasonal flu for caregivers.

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Vaccines in search of transparency

But voices are rising against this extension of the vaccination obligation. Victims, but also doctors and researchers denounce the lack of sufficient data to ensure the safety of vaccines and claim that the number of accidents would be largely undervalued.

The debate on vaccination is raging and is invited on the set of the program Health Survey, Tuesday, November 12 at 20:50 on France 5.

During this broadcast, the documentary “Vaccines in search of transparency” directed by Magali Cotard will be followed by a debate moderated by Marina Carrère d’Encausse, Philippe Charlier and Emma Strack.

Among the guests: Dr. Daniel Lévy-Bruhl, Head of Vaccination Unit at Public Health France; Cathy Gaches, president of the Network of Victims of Vaccine Accidents and Dr. Luc Périno, general practitioner.