In case of diarrhea what foods and drinks to prioritize?


Eating well in case of diarrhea is essential to regain strength. Some foods and drinks limit the occurrence of loose stools, while others favor them. Aurore Lavergnat, dietician-nutritionist, tells us which ones to favor and which ones to avoid putting on her plate or in her glass. To follow to heal quickly!

carrot puree

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In case of diarrhea, it is necessary eat according to his hunger and in small quantity, but we must not remain ’empty stomach’ “or eat too often warns Aurore Lavergnat, dietician-nutritionist. Because, when one feeds, intestinal peristalsis triggers to release the transit, which causes a desire to go to the saddle. Whether for vegetables, fruits, meat, fish or drinks, choosing what you will put on your plate is essential.

“It’s also important toavoid raw foods in order to avoid any bacterial risk, and to limit its contribution fibers which favor the transit “Says the dietician.

What vegetables can we eat?

We favor cooked vegetables and whose fibers are soft like carrots, zucchini, squash, eggplant, sweet potato.

On the other hand, avoids leek, cabbage, garlic, onion which favor the bloating. No legumes (lentils, split peas …) either!

We make the right choice of starchy foods

If you are a follower of pasta and rice, we forget the time of diarrhea! We turn instead to rice and white pasta or steamed potatoes.

“No fries, no fried potatoes or chips,” says Aurore Lavergnat.

We take cooked fruits

We put on the cooked fruits in compote for example, in baked foil as apple, pear, quince, banana. “The latter can also be consumed simply crushed with a fork, suggests the dietician. And you can pair the fruit with applesauce: apple-quince, apple-banana … ”

We avoid the fig, the dried fruit (prunes, apricot, grape …), the nuts (nuts, hazelnut, pistachio …), red fruits that are rich in fiber.

We prefer meat and lean fish

” For a slight digestion, we choose, preferably white meat such as rabbit, escalope or veal tenderloin, chicken or turkey breast, lean fish like cod, plaice, dab, skate … “, proposes Aurore Lavergnat.

You can also make a poached egg for example.

We avoids fatty meat who can quickly be disgusting and take longer to digest.

We consume raw fat

“We favor vegetable fats rather than animals, advises the dietician. And we consume them vintage, because ofone teaspoon per meal. “

We limit dairy products

” The milk, the cheese contain lactose which is a transit accelerator, warns the dietitian. So during the episode of diarrhea, they are avoided, except firm cheeses such as mimolette, emmental, county … that can be consumed in small quantities. ”

Once the diarrhea is over, we can take some yogurt to ‘repair the intestine’ thanks to the good bacteria and their effects probiotics. “A cure of probiotics in the form of food supplements can also be taken to prevent diarrhea and then to reseed the intestine,” says the dietician.

What are we drinking?

Some water, of course ! says the dietician, and mineral to compensate for the loss of mineral salts, and digestive herbal teas like thyme, rosemary, fennel, peppermint, lemon balm or sage. ” And to mitigate any risk of dehydration, drink up to 2 liters per day.

And the Coca Cola ? ” It is to ban, like all other sodas because sugar is a transit accelerator and a deprecator of the immune system “Says Aurore Lavergnat.

3 anti-diarrhea meal ideas

• Potato salad + frayed stripe + 1 tbsp. to c. of rapeseed oil + 1 apple compote with cinnamon.

• Chicken breast in foil + carrot puree with cumin + 1 tbsp. to c. of olive oil + 1 banana in the oven.

• Rice with zucchini cubes + 1 poached egg + 1 pear poached with cinnamon.