Insomnia is no longer a fatality!


Fatigue, awakenings at night, falling asleep difficult … Sound familiar? An effective and yet unknown solution exists …

Chronic insomnia is a complex and widespread disease. You are perhaps part of the 13% of French who suffer. According to the latest inventory of ANSM, France is the second largest consumer of sleeping pills in Europe. But sleeping pills have significant side effects, their long-term use is addictive and their effectiveness remains relative and short-lived. What to do ?


This therapy aims to break the vicious circle that has caused chronic insomnia. His approach is twofold: both behavioral (management of sleep schedules, setting up a sleep routine …), but also cognitive (management of mental ruminations, change of the relationship to sleep …). Despite impressive success rates (80%), the TCC-i remains unknown in France. Few general practitioners know about it and few practitioners are specialized to practice it. So, how to access it? That’s Dreem’s goal. The company specializing in new technologies and solutions dedicated to sleep has designed a personalized TCC-i program that relies on the use of a headband that accurately measures sleep. All accompanied by two phone calls with a TCC-i expert. Step by step, people reinstall real self-management abilities of their insomnia by learning to act on the factors of triggering and maintenance of the disorder, then regain confidence in their sleep and find the quality and duration of sleep they need to feel better every day.

Insomnia is no longer a fatality, it is time to act!

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