Winter diseases: pregnant, when should I consult?


Pregnant, you have a small cold? We discuss with a specialist about the symptoms that must be consulted.

Pregnant, I have a cold: how to react?

In case of cold (or nasopharyngitis, it is the same disease), we remain attentive to the symptoms: if the nose is clogged, if it runs, itches it … We just clean our nose with saline, for example twice a day.

If rhinitis is accompanied by headaches, you can take paracetamol – maximum 3 grams per day. Avoid self-medication as much as possible without medical advice: essential oils, for example, should be excluded. Finally, no need to dip into its stock of antibiotics: they only fight against bacteria while the cold is of viral origin!

The doctor’s advice:be careful that the cold does not get worse! To heal quickly, opt for preventive measures easy to implement: wash your hands several times a day, wear gloves on public transport, avoid crowded public places – supermarkets, shopping centers .. .

Pregnant, I have the flu: what to do?

Warning ! In a pregnant woman, flu is never trivial. Indeed: the flu virus attacks an immune system already weakened by pregnancy, and the consequences (pneumonia, for example) can be very serious for the mother and the child!

As soon as the first flu symptoms appear (a rise in temperature, a dry cough, muscle soreness similar to aches) it is therefore essential to make an appointment with your GP or gynecologist – without delay.

The doctor’s advice:vaccination against influenza is strongly recommended during pregnancy! Between October and February, pregnant women can obtain a voucher from their doctor or gynecologist to get a free flu shot in the pharmacy or at the doctor’s office.

Winter diseases: fever, a symptom not to be ignored

You are pregnant and you suffer from a small cold, a small sore throat, a small sinusitis? Warning: “the” symptom to monitor during pregnancy is fever. “ Take your temperature every day, ideally the morning: if your fever exceeds 38 ° C, you must go to the doctor – or even to the ER if your fever is higher.

Indeed: fever over 38 ° C (associated with persistent fatigue or back pain or pain during urination …) can be a warning signal indicating a pregnancy-related illness or (worse!) a suffering of the fetus that can lead to dramatic consequences …

The doctor’s advice:Do not be afraid to give your doctor a phone call in case of fever over 38 ° C: it is better to worry about nothing than to miss a serious problem …

Thanks to Dr. Pia de Reilhac, gynecologist-obstetrician and president of the National Federation of Medical Gynecology Colleges (FNCGM).

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